Winterizing your home can be a boring and tiresome process for many. To do it correctly there are a lot of items that need to be checked and set up for winter.

If you leave everything until the last minute and in your hurry, you may neglect or overlook a few things, which might bring about problems later. You can, however, avoid most of these mistakes by understanding the common mistakes that a lot of people make when winterizing their homes.

1. Failing to give any TLC to the furnace

After about six months without use, you can’t expect the furnace to immediately operate in the same manner to when you previously utilized it. Change or fix the filter and check the heat exchanger, pilot light as well as the ignition system. Consider a thorough cleaning each year of you heating duct and furnace- especially if you have pets in your home. Cleaning a furnace greatly improves its efficiency. Basic maintenance of furnace as well reduces your heating bill for through the cold season- which is a convenient way of conserving the natural resources.

2. Failing to change your ceiling fan

Most fans have a wall or remote control allowing you to alter the direction the blades rotate. In this case, you will need heat to circulating downward in the room to maximize the heat in the room.

Press the reverse button to ensure the fan rotates clockwise. Your fan doesn’t support either wall or remote control? If so, then use the switch appearing beneath the blades. Push it up or to the right, varying with whether it is a vertical or horizontal switch.

3. Assuming your expensive windows will prevent drafts from entering

Even the best quality windows in your house offer quite little extreme exterior temperatures resistance. Ensure all the windows are fully latched and closed. Use layered window treatments to keep out any cold air. You can also switch from vinyl to wooden blinds to minimize heat loss via your windows. Keeping them facing up prevent entry of cold air.

4. Not caring for the exterior taps or faucets

Don’t assume that provided your heater is on, you’ll be fine regarding your pipes freezing. Ignoring your outdoor faucets bring about freezing and bursting of pipes, which results in likely damage of the basement and huge expenses.

Drain your faucet, remove your garden house and add a faucet insulator to prevent cold breezes from getting into contact with the plumbing system.

5. Failure to bring items in from outdoors

Everyone has some furniture, right? You may find it quite easy keeping some property such as wire shelving outside by the grill. Problems are likely to arise in the case such stuff is not returned to its place during the winter. It is obvious that you don’t wish to replace all your furniture after this cold season. Return your belongings where they are safe or even store them somewhere in the garage.

Winterizing your home will involve many processes, Take your time, to ensure all work is done accordingly to avoid unnecessary costs of replacing and repairing your hard-earned property.