During the winter season, most individuals leave their homes to a different locality because of the extreme weather conditions. As such, their homes will remain vacant for some time and most probably until the winter season is over. At such times, homeowners winterize their homes to protect against the harsh weather and once spring sets in, as they return back to their vacant houses, they need to de-winterize. Here are the steps to follow in this process.

1. De-winterize your windows

Any insulation on your windows should be taken down before opening them because if you happen to leave the insulation on them, your house will be hot and stuffy. That is because most of the access points that allow free circulation of air inside the house remain sealed while you are away and windows are part of these.

Once the insulation has been removed from your windows, you need to clean them both on the inside and outside. Thereafter, check weather stripping and caulking and fix as necessary if they are worn out.

2. Ascertain safety precautions

You need to test your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms at least once a month but if you have been away during winter and just returned, you need to test these alarms. If some batteries are not working or low, you need to replace them. The other thing you need to check is the filter on your furnace.

You may not need to use the furnace in spring but sometimes; cold may sweep in during such a season, which means you may need to turn the furnace back on. So, ensure that the furnace is off and take out the old filter from the furnace and then replace it with a new one. Once you are done with that, ensure you clean the fireplace as well because you may need to light a fire on it at some point as well.

3. Clean your house on the inside

If your house has fans on the ceiling, you need to dust them on the blades. The best way to do so is to wrap paper towels around a paint roller to use it to clean the fan blades and if you do not have one, you can use a broom for dusting purposes. Next, you need to sweep the floor and vacuum it as well.

The vacuum cleaner comes in handy when cleaning carpeted areas while sweeping is best for wooden and tiled flooring. Mopping the floor will be the next step after sweeping and vacuum cleaning.

4. De-winterize your home on the outside

As you left during winter, you most probably turned off the water and now it is time to turn it back on. In this case, you need to only locate the necessary valves that need to be opened to restore the flow of water back to your home once they are turned on.

The next thing is to check whether your water pipes are leaking and fix them to prevent damage on your property or the high cost of paying for this utility. Cleaning the gutters will be advisable also because, after such a period, they tend to be clogged and if they are not cleared, they block drains, which can damage your property.