Winter can be notorious for freezing pipes and interior or exterior plumbing units. This can result in extensive pipe bursts followed by backflow and flooding into homes and properties. These mishaps can seriously damage vital plumbing components and parts as well. Sadly, there is no way to control the weather elements but you can protect your home or business pipes from freezing. In fact, it’s as easy as contacting a local plumber or winterization expert in your area. With years of extensive industry experience, they have the tools and expertise to safeguard your pipes from freezing while you are away on vacation. Nearly all plumbers offer free estimates and complimentary consultations before any work or repairs begin.

Winterization – What to Know

Winterization is a technique that helps seal and insulates outdoor and indoor pipes. Since the winter season is synonymous with freezing and below zero temperatures – pipes can easily freeze, burst, and cause countless dollars in damages and repairs. This is mainly due to frost-like conditions, along with freezing rain, sleet and snow amassing on susceptible outdoor pipes and units. Area winterization experts are able to fully seal and protect pipes while you are away on vacation. They also check interior pipes for potential breaks, shears, leaks and visible damages and corrosion. The following techniques are administered for any home or office winterization plan:

  • Examining all interior and exterior pipes for visible cracks, spreads, and shears. Sealants and insulation are utilized to protect pipes (after repairs) for the winter season.
  • Replacing any plumbing or pipes that have cracked due to frosting and freezing. Property owners can speak to their home insurance providers for coverage information and subsidies.
  • Checking all interior/exterior pipes, plumbing components, and water heaters to secure timely and efficient water flow and standard settings. Plumbers and/or winterization experts will make any necessary adjustments or modifications.
  • Using PVC insulation covers and wraps for outdoor and indoor pipes. This prevents these units from freezing and bursting during deep chills, snow, sleet, ice storms, and other harsh winter elements and conditions.
  • Utilizing heated acetate covers to defrost any interior or exterior pipes. This helps protect pipes from any additional freezing mishaps while keeping units warm and water flowing at manageable levels.
  • Removing any dirt, debris, ice, or any type of frozen water build-up on pipes. Faucets, spots, and other components will be checked for optimal performance and delivery. Existing obstacles that are hindering maximum plumbing or water performance will be removed as well.
  • Ensuring at least one faucet remains running (slow drip) to prevent backflow, freezing, and common or extensive pipe frostings.

If you are planning to travel this holiday season, winterization is a great way to protect all your pipes and plumbing systems. In fact, area professionals offer complimentary consultations and free estimates for all new residential and commercial clients. Do not let the wintery elements cause irreparable harm and damages to your pipes this year. Contact your local plumber now and get the services you deserve.