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If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having a frozen pipe burst then calling an emergency plumber near you will help prevent delays in getting your pipe repair or replaced. Don’t delay when you suspect a burst pipe and call us today!

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Any burst pipe is an emergency and you need to call an emergency plumbing contractor near you immediately to come and take care of the problem. At this point cost should not be a major factor in who you hire, because delays will cost you more than you will save by hiring a cheap plumber.

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How to Tell If You Have a Burst Water Pipe


When winter rolls around the water pipes in your house become vulnerable to bursting. This is because when it gets below 32 degrees Fahrenheit water starts to freeze and this applies to the water in your pipes as well. When the water in your pipes becomes frozen it starts to expand. Once all ice within the pipe is fully frozen the pipe experiences the full effects of the pressure and bust open. As you can imagine this leads to a host of problems. Therefore, if you have a busted pipe then it is in your best interest to find it and to fix it as soon as possible. Below is a list of 5 signs that you may have a busted water in your home.

5 Signs You Have A Burst Water Pipe

  • You Hear Water Dripping Within The Walls
  • Water Puddles In Garages and Crawlspaces
  • Moisture Build Up In Outdoor Faucets
  • Slow Running Indoor Faucet Water
  • Ceiling Stains

Emergency Plumber Near MeYou Hear Water Dripping Within The Walls

One of the biggest signs that you have a full blown pipe burst is if you can hear water dripping inside the walls. If this is the case you need to listen for the dripping sounds in other places to determine where it is the loudest. Once you have found the places with the loudest audible drip then you are likely close to the area where the pipe burst. From here you can proceed to pin-pointing the exact location of the leak and starting the process of getting it repaired. Some pipe bursts cause only small problems while other burst cause major damage. Therefore, these cases can be highly variable. One thing that is known for sure is that the earlier you figure out this problem the less the damage will be.

Water Puddles In Garages and Crawlspaces

While some garages and crawl spaces are known to build up moisture, the presence of water puddles is not normal. If you see water puddles building up in the lower level spaces of your house that it is highly likely that you have a burst pipe. In order to make sure it is a busted pipe be sure to check for the other signs listed in this article. If you have all five signs then it is a virtual guarantee that you have a busted pipe.

Moisture Build Up In Outdoor Faucets

Outdoor faucets build up with moisture and sometimes even drip when there is a pipe bust. When pipes are functioning perfectly outdoor faucets remain dry and moisture free. The presence of moisture indicates a busted pipe.

Slow Running Indoor Faucet Water

One of the tell-tale signs of a pipe burst is a change in water flow coming from indoor faucets. If you see that your indoor faucets are running/flowing incredibly slower you first want to see if this is the case with all faucets. If you find that all faucets are running slower then you can conclude that the problem is likely a busted pipe.

Ceiling Stains 

In many cases, ceiling stains develop due to water dripping out of pipes between different stories of your house. A ceiling stain of this sort will usually have a golden yellow hue up to a brown hue.


If you think that you may have a burst water pipe then you should use the tips in this article to help determine if the pipe has indeed broken. If you have all the tell-tale signs then you need to call in a professional plumber near you for burst pipe replacement or repair.

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